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Mouchão Park
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On the banks of the Nabão River, in the heart of the historic center of Tomar, the Mouchão Park is a green paradise that contrasts with the city's hustle and bustle. It is a garden area in the middle of the river, a small island connected to the city by footbridges.

With leafy trees, lawn areas and beautiful flowers, the Mouchão Park is an invitation to leisure and rest. It is the ideal space to relax in the shade offered by the trees on hot summer days, to have a family picnic or simply for the children to run free and happy.

This is where - next to the dam that exists there, near the entrance to the Park -, there is a huge wooden waterwheel, the Nabão Waterwheel, a large solid structure that used the strength of the river waters to irrigate the surrounding fields and to carry the water to the mills and presses. This hydraulic device was built in 1906 and has been regularly intervened by the Municipality of Tomar for maintenance purposes. The current waterwheel is made of oak as well as wood from olive and walnut trees. The way it works takes us back to a distant origin and represents an excellent example of hydraulic engineering, where the wheel is moved by the force of the waters of the dams in the river, which activate a mechanism that makes the wheel turn and load the water in the clay buckets on it. It is a simple and functional mechanism that fascinates those who watch it - and it still works.

From the Park, you can see the Old Bridge and the houses of the historic center of Tomar. Above the trees, the Tower of the Church of Saint John The Baptist erupts, at República Square. And in the distance, of course, the Templar Castle.

Other attractions of the Park are the beautiful bandstand, the sports equipment and, nearby, the cafes and restaurants to regain strength and have something to drink or eat.

Next to the Park, there is also a children's playground, the largest in Tomar, which is ideal for the little ones. The Mouchão Park is the perfect choice for those who live in the city or for those who visit it and like to feel the nature, read a good book or simply enjoy an outdoor space.

Mochão Park
2300-586 Tomar - Portugal
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