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Chapel of São Lourenço and Padrão of Dom João I
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The Chapel of São Lourenço is located at the south entrance of Tomar. It is dedicated to São Lourenço and was built in the early 16th century by Aires de Quental.

This simple and discreet religious temple pays homage to the reunion that took place on August 10, 1385 - the day of St. Lawrence - between the troops of João, Mestre de Avis and those of Nuno Álvares Pereira; they met here, four days before heading to Aljubarrota, for what remained forever as a decisive battle in the history of Portugal. In addition to a symbolic tactical victory for the Portuguese army, Aljubarrota meant the definitive defeat of the kingdom of Castile and the consequent resolution of the Portuguese crisis of 1383-1385, as well as the confirmation of João as the first king of the Avis Dynasty.

Since 1948, the meeting of the two armies, in this exact place, has been immortalized on one of the side façades of the Chapel, when a panel of blue and white tiles was placed there, evoking the event.

The Chapel of São Lourenço is a small building, with a rectangular plan with a single body, preceded by a galilee of sober traces, with a Manueline style portal.

Inside, the main altar is decorated with 16th century tiles of geometric pattern and Mudéjar tiles recovered from the Saint Michael Chapel, after its destruction. Also inside, the wooden ceiling stands out, as well as a stone sculpture that represents the patron saint and a holy water stoup, both from the 16th century.

Next to the Saint Lawrence Chapel, there is a Padrão (a stone monument) - the Padrão of Dom João I, also known as Round Padrão - that celebrates the reunion of the Portuguese troops on their way to Aljubarrota. It consists of a smooth column that rests on a Tuscan base with a capital adorned with open-winged angels and the Portuguese shield.

The Chapel of São Lourenço was classified as a National Monument in 1921.


Opening hours:

Temporarily closed.


Avenida D. Nuno Álvares Pereira
2300-411 Tomar - Portugal
39.59216363066492, -8.405699729919434