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Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade
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The Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Our Lady of Mercy), former Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Mount), stands impressive and simple on top of a hill, facing the Castle of Tomar and the Convent of Christ.

The date of construction of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade dates back to the 14th centur. It was built in 1387 by order of Martim Vasques Vilela, Mayor of Óbidos, in honor of this town's patron saint.

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade was later restored and modified in the 17th century, more precisely in the year 1613, by order of the people's judge Bernardo Ortiz Ochoa. This temple has several elements of Gothic style articulated with elements of Mannerist style, resulting from subsequent interventions.

The interior of the Chapel is wide and the statue of the Virgin, to whom countless miracles are attributed, stands out on the rustic carved altar. The walls are decorated with blue and white geometric pattern tiles from the 17th century. Outside, the focus is on the arched gateway, preceded by a porch supported by sober Tuscan columns.

The access to the sanctuary is through an incredible staircase of 292 steps, built between 1846 and 1862, that lead to the Chapel square. This stairway greatly facilitated the climb of the devotees to the Chapel. Between the steps, twenty pleasant levels allow a short break and a well-deserved rest for the faithful.

The worship is celebrated on the first weekend of September, in Tomar. The “Círio de Nossa Senhora da Piedade” is a religious festivity in which the image of the Virgin of Mercy is devotedly carried to the Chapel, in a procession that covers about two kilometers; it starts in the city and takes the faithful to the top of the mount, where an outdoor mass is celebrated and from where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the city.


Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Closed: Monday


Estrada Nova das Atalaias
2300-546 Tomar - Portugal
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