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Sound path Audiowalk, Diálogos em Dó Maior
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The route begins at the Cine-Teatro Paraíso, and will continue through the city, going through the cultural cartography with these figures of the twentieth century of Tomar. Bring your mobile phone and headphones for this visit.

The QR codes are available on a route that we will suggest to those who visit the city, but especially to those who live it:
1 - Cine-Teatro Paraíso
2 - Interior do Café Paraíso
3 - Exterior do Café Paraíso
4 - Casa Memória Lopes-Graça
5 - Estátua Lopes-Graça e Nini Ferreira
6 - NAC - Núcleo de Arte Contemporânea, Museu Municipal



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